Leadership Begins on the Inside

It is my passion to guide individuals in building their own leadership story and learning to thrive within it.

I truly believe everyone has potential.  Guiding individuals to understand their own leadership influence ignites that potential for leadership success – both personally and professionally.  When leaders thrive, organizations thrive!

After many years in leadership at all levels, I now offer my expertise to individuals and organizations wishing to grow the leadership potential within themselves or their employees.  My book From Thriving to Striving provides engaging and poignant examples designed to guide individuals in discovering critical aspects of leadership and to confidently step into their influence and impact on people and organizations.

Karavedas Coaching and Consulting provides organizational consulting and guidance in the identification of emerging leaders, leadership development, team building and employee engagement, communication and conflict resolution, and bringing vision to life through strategic planning. 

Workshop and retreat topics include:

      • Understanding Your Leadership Influence and Impact
      • Empowering Leaders for Organizational Success
      • Building Successful Teams and Relationships that Matter
      • Team Building and Employee Engagement
      • Communication Across All Levels
      • Strategic Planning and Vision Casting


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Dr. Joy Karavedas


Dr. Joy Karavedas – Karavedas Coaching & Consulting – drkaravedas@gmail.com