Career Goals!

You are never to old to dream a new dream.

C.S. Lewis

I would love to say I have achieved all my career goals, but I don’t believe leaders should lie.  As a matter of fact, this past year has been one that has required some deep soul searching about the direction my career has taken since I became Dr. Karavedas.  The truth is, the career doors did not fly open after I defended my dissertation.  In fact, after trying and applying, I’m in the same place I was before I became a doctor.

When a person finally achieves their dream, it is not unusual to think everything else will fall into place because the goal has been reached.  After all, hard work and effort should be recognized – right?  Unfortunately, the world isn’t always a party to our dreams and life doesn’t always turn out as expected.  Was it all wasted time and effort?  The answer is a resounding – NO!  Although external rewards may come, the reward of an achievement must be the achievement itself. 

It may take time to actually believe this to be true, and there may be a period of doubt, questions, and, perhaps, even a little self-pity.  Your future is still in the making and to make the most of that future, it is important to look inward and truly reflect on the value that exists in the achievement of the goal or dream. Rather than running head first onto the next thing, spend some time contemplating what you have achieved.  Ask yourself, what does it mean to you personally?  How does it impact your leadership?  Before worrying about where you may be headed next, reflect on who has helped you get where you are now, and do they know it

I have had to remind myself to slow down and take time to savor the moments that helped me become Dr. Karavedas.  I am learning to enjoy this time and lean into the satisfaction of this achievement.  This is only the first step toward so many more experiences, but there is no need to rush.  The next dream is out there waiting for me, and it doesn’t mind waiting just a little longer.

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