Reflections on Becoming Dr. Karavedas – No. 11

Dear Dr. Joy Karavedas…

That’s how the letter began…Dear Dr. Joy Karavedas.  That’s right, I did it;

I am Dr. Joy Karavedas

On February 15, 2019, I defended by dissertation in front of my friends and family.  I am now one of the 2% of Americans who hold a doctorate degree.  As I told my family, this has been the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life and also the most rewarding.  I have been fortunate to have found success throughout most of my academic career, but this was different.  I earned a degree, but I received much more than a paper degree and a title.

The doctoral process changed me.  The coursework and readings moved me from a person who studied leadership to a person who understood leadership to an expert on leadership. My passion for the topic has grown just as I have.  I get excited to discuss leadership standards and characteristics.  My face lights up when I share methods for tapping into the leadership potential in others. 

True leaders don’t create follows, they create more leaders.

Tom Peters

I am hopeful that those who read my study will be reminded of their own leadership journey and be encouraged to dig deeper into their understanding of investing in the leadership growth of others.  Embracing the belief that people are an organization’s most valuable resource, I want organizations to invest in leadership growth and development to strengthen the pipeline of well-prepared candidates for future leadership roles.  Most important emerging leaders to lean into their ambition and develop the skills necessary for leadership growth.

My dissertation journey is complete.  The future – what’s next?  The specifics are still to be determined.  I love my current position, but I look forward to move into  a new arena as well. One thing is certain, will become a bit more active now.  With dissertation complete, I have so much to share with the world. Stay tuned!

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