Reflections on Becoming Dr. Karavedas – No. 4

I’ve been a little slow to post this latest reflection. Honestly, I’ve been a little slow to write this latest reflection. I have only one explanation for this … no time! The last few weeks have been filled with a mini research project involving interviews, observations, data collecting, data coding, themes, codes, modes, nodes and more. AND I HAVE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!

For the first time since I began this journey nearly a year ago, I feel the tug and pull of the research itself. Finding oneself lost in the data and trying to determine its meaning is a beautiful place to be. Getting lost in the process of discovery feels amazing. The funny thing is – this isn’t even my dissertation topic.

This is the space where my heart meets my head.

Beginning research has energized me, and I desperately needed to be energized.  When you reach the space in a project where you have to tell yourself to stop working and go to bed, you know you’ve found your flow. For some of you, this is crafting or woodwork. For others, it’s working out or an athletic endeavor. For me, I think it might be research. So far anyway, it fits well. I think I’ll keep it.

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