Everyday Leaders

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted. Honestly, I’ve been having a small crisis of confidence. Even now as I write down these thoughts, I am thinking “why me?” What do I know about leadership? Yes, I have over 25 years of leadership experience, but so do quite a few other people. Longevity alone does not make me an expert on leadership. I know I have strong opinions about leadership. Again, others have strong opinions too. Are my opinions better – more worthy?  Strong opinions and a platform for expressing them certainly do not make me an expert on leadership. They just make me another shouting voice in the wilderness. Why me? Why should anyone listen to what I have to say?

Maybe I’m asking the wrong question.  Perhaps, I should be asking…Why not me?

I know theory. I know the research.  Even more important, I care, and not just about theory and research. I care about people.  It’s true. I may not have the platform of Oprah or be able to motivate like Michael Hyatt, but I do have influence. I interact with people every day who expect me to lead. They need vision, decisions and confidence. My team is together everyday, waiting for someone to lead them.  The wonderful people under my leadership need to know someone cares about them as people, not just as a position within the organization. They need to be assured that they are truly seen and not just observed.  These great people want to know where we are going, how we are going to get there, and who is going to show them the way.  They look to me to answer these questions.

I am an everyday leader who leads everyday.

I’m not the only one. There are many of us out there. Businesses and organizations are full of leaders who make a difference in the lives of the people they lead. Be confident my friends! Lead from your heart and the depths of your souls. Care about others and let them know you care. Guide them gently to places they didn’t know they could go. Your leadership matters.

Stand up. Be confident. You got this!